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We had an Old English Sheepdog before Bubba and it is a nightmare trying to find a groomer who will listen, not make me feel like a fool for my requests, and treat Bubba with kindness. You are truly lucky to have the groomers that you have! Your store was highly recommended by Karen and her two dogs Tiger and Jackson. I certainly was not disappointed!

I keep looking at Bubba this morning and he looks soooooooo good. Thank you, Thank you!

Heather and Bubba - AKA Mr. Handsome

We were so happy to find out that our favorite pet store Tail Blazers was now going to be offering grooming. Grooming has always been the most challenging event associated with our dogs. Needless to say at 120 pounds each our Bullmastiff and Rottweiler present a formidable challenge to the average person let alone one who is responsible for grooming and cutting their nails (the latter what they HATE most in this world)!

Without trepidation Cheryl quickly agreed to take the dogs even though we had filled her in fully on some previous bad grooming experiences. Coupled with the fact that they hate having their feet touched our Bullmastiff (Tazz) has skin issues that require special care. The products that Cheryl recommended were all natural and would not irritate Tazz’s skin. Having seen the spa we were quite impressed with the brand new high quality equipment that not only insured a thorough grooming but enabled it to be done in half the time of previous grooming thus reducing the stress to both dogs.

Cheryl’s ability to handle our dogs was prevalent immediately upon welcoming them into the spa. When we came back a short time later to pick them up, they were happy and looked and smelled wonderful. Cheryl’s skill with our dogs together with the exceptional facility and efficiency with which she gets our dogs in and out will ensure we can and will take them much more frequently than we ever did before – something that we know is important to our dog’s health and well-being.

Lori, Michael, Tazz, and Scout

I am so thrilled that my absolute favorite health food store for pets, Tail Blazers Copperfield, now has an equally wonderful Dog Spa and Groomer. My experience, and more importantly, that of my dogs Sophie and Amos was far beyond what I had hoped for.

Cheryl was kind and gentle and my dogs fell in love with her right away. The actual grooming job was tremendous; Cheryl is really an artist with scissors and clippers.

I was also very impressed with how much knowledge Cheryl had and her willingness to answer questions. Cheryl clearly feels that the dog's grooming experience is priority number one. My dogs looked like a million bucks but they were also happy and obviously very comfortable with their new pal Cheryl.

I happily, highly recommend the grooming inside Tail Blazers and Cheryl to all of my clients. So far, without exception, I am already hearing rave reviews from all of my clients who have followed that recommendation.

Thank you so much!

Colleen McCarvill

Diamond in the "Ruff" Inc.

My visit to your dog spa was an absolute delight for me and both of my dogs. Cheryl was so good to both of my pups and made them feel very comfortable. Bobbi is older and gets so nervous going to get groomed that I even tried grooming him myself over the past couple of years. He would get so stressed imagine my surprise when I came to pick him up from his appointment and he pranced out of the spa to show off his new look. He really pranced, just like a show pony. That said it all.

Tommy my other dog had a very negative experience getting groomed in the past and is usually very uncooperative, but he also succumbed to Cheryl's charms. I just wanted to say thank you, your prices are great, the service and friendliness beyond expectations. We will definitely be back!

Dorcas G

Bobbi and Tommy

Shyla had a "shedding treatment" last Thursday, she looks and smells beautiful! What a difference!

Thank you again!

Leah Marie Y

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