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Shampooch Grooming Services and Pricing

Now available: 10% seniors discount (65+) and 10% multi-animal discount for 3 or more pets (must bring them together and belong to the same household)

Bath and Tidy

Single Coated dogs (Shih Tzu, bichon, poodle, etc.)

This service includes bath, brush and blow dry, ear plucking/cleaning, nails, and tidying of feet, face, and bum.

Bath and Tidy

Double Coated dogs ( Sheltie, Golden, Border Collie etc)

This service includes bath, deshedding and blow dry, ear cleaning, nails , tidying of feet, ears and general tidying all over.

Kennel Cut

This is a short trim, leaving the coat approximately 1/8 inch- 3/4 inch all over. This cut is done with clippers and is excellent for those camping trips, summer weather or for just having an easier maintenance trim. This service includes bath/dry, ear cleaning/plucking, and nails.

Teddy Bear

This is a longer cut that is all hand scissored to a length of approximately 1-2 inches on the body with the legs being left fuller and nicely rounded and shaped. This cut requires your pet to have little to no matting. Brushing and more frequent visits to the salon are required to maintain this trim. This service includes bath/dry, ear cleaning/plucking, and nails.


(Labs, Pugs, Boston Terriers etc.)

This service includes bath and dry, deshedding, nails and ear cleaning.


Additional Services


Nail Filing


Teeth Brushing


Ear Plucking / Cleaning


Face Trim


Foot Trim


Anal Glands




Nagayu Bath


Nagayu bathing system is a co2 skin therapy treatment that helps increase blood circulation and oxygen absorption. Deep cleaning, odour removing, improves skin and coat condition and protects PH level and aids healing.

Spaw Package (additional to groom)


De-Shed Package


Skin Care Package


Loyalty Cards

We now have loyalty cards for our spaw package and walk in nail trims, after 8 of either service and receive a a free nail trim or spaw package.

How long does an appointment take?

2-4 hrs depending on the dogs haircut and size. Please understand we try our best to get our fur clients finished within a reasonable amount of time but sometimes due to things out of our control we can run behind. Sometimes dogs have accidents in their kennel or some dogs end up being more work than we had anticipated. We also want our clients to be happy with the work that we do so we may take a little longer to do that extra good job we are known for.

All prices are dependant on size of your pet, condition of their coat and also on their temperament. Prices listed are base prices only and subject to change at any time.

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